British Tinnitus Association

The British Tinnitus Association is a global leader in providing advice and support to people with tinnitus and those who need to know more about ringing or buzzing in ears. The British Tinnitus Association or BTA helps persons with tinnitus and even allows persons without the disorder to understand tinnitus. BTA also works hand in hand with health professionals who provide support needed for clinical and medical research as well as training.

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BTA is based in Sheffield, United Kingdom and also serves as a national charity which gives advice and management techniques for people suffering from tinnitus especially those affected by this medical condition and have been advised to live with the illness.

BTA has been operating since 1979 and has helped hundreds of thousands of tinnitus sufferers to specifically manage symptoms and improve their quality of life. The number of people who seeks help on tinnitus has been rising. It has become BTA’s commitment to continuously operate for the sufferer’s sake. However, the BTA also continuously receives donation to fund their operations and to benefit the growing number of tinnitus sufferers who seek help from BTA.

The British Tinnitus Association has been a very important institution for tinnitus sufferers particularly in UK since 10 percent of British adults suffer from this condition. The outpouring of donations for BTA ensures the continuous free support while funding research will eventually lead to the finding of a cure. The trained team of friendly professionals in BTA are always ready to provide guidance and information tinnitus.

The next information campaign of BTA is scheduled on March 28, 2015 in the Grand Hotel, 73 Granby Street, Leicester. The basic facts about tinnitus as well as impact of tinnitus, available treatments and local tinnitus services will be discussed in the BTA Information day. The meeting will feature great speakers while allowing attendees to join different activities such as tai chi and yoga which can help reduce tinnitus symptoms. The meet will highlight an exhibition which can provide ideas on how to manage tinnitus.

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