Tinnitus and Cardiovascular Health

Tinnitus can be related to blood circulation disorder to the head. Tinnitus and cardiovascular health are two important concerns to look into when dealing with ringing or buzzing in ears problem.

Importance of cardiovascular exercise

By maintaining proper diet and cardiovascular exercises, it may help increase blood circulation to the head. Improving blood flow to the structures of the ears will help stop the ringing cause of tinnitus.

There are many cardiovascular exercises that you can do to lessen the occurrences of tinnitus such as biking, walking, jogging, and trekking.


Biking outside is better that stationary biking. Why? Because stationary biking is an indoor activity where supply of oxygen is minimal compare to when you are biking outside and the air is fresh especially in the morning.

Breeze walking

Breeze walking in the morning is also an alternative if you don’t have bike or time to do some exercise. Instead of using elevator when going up to your office or any establishment, you may use the stairs.


If you have time every weekend, then do some jogging together with your love ones. It will not only benefit you but also the one you care about to prevent them to have tinnitus as well. Even a simple stretching may also help increase the blood flow and oxygen. All these kind of exercises may help reduce tinnitus. You don’t have to go to the gym or become a gym rat, even few exercise will help eventually.

Improving cardiovascular health

Tinnitus is triggered by caffeine.

To improve your cardiovascular health, try to do the following:

  • Lessen drinking liquor or beverages with caffeine
  • Avoid or get rid of smoking and tobacco products  as nicotine reduces the blood circulation to the ear structure
  • Exercise regularly to improve blood flow to your ears and prevent tinnitus
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle and maintain a good weight because studies show that most tinnitus patients are obese adults
  • Add more vitamin B12 sources to your daily diet or supplement your vitamin B12 to aid your body to produce substances that can protect your ear nerves. So intake of food sources with rich Vitamin B12 like milk and dairy products, eggs, and milk can help prevent or minimize incidence of tinnitus
  • Most of all get plenty of rest. Sleep early and wake up early, exercise regularly, and eat nutritious foods, those are the keys to prevent tinnitus.