Living with Tinnitus

Living with tinnitus can be totally disappointing for many. You must have read many tinnitus patients suffered depression and torment like Coldplay Chris Martin because they can’t cope with the disorder. However, there were some celebrities who managed their tinnitus well and lived with their ringing ears like normal people.

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Avoid any thing that triggers tinnitus

There are food or drugs that may trigger tinnitus. Avoid them as part of a routine to be observed when living with tinnitus.

The usual drinks that trigger tinnitus symptoms are alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and energy drinks.

Medications like aspirin can also trigger tinnitus as well as too much salt intake.

Smoking can worsen tinnitus in two ways. First, it can affect blood flow to the sensitive nerve cells which control hearing. Secondly, it serves as a stimulant in your body increasing the ringing intensity in your ears. This is why it is essential to quit the habit of smoking to prevent worsening of tinnitus.

Accept changes

There is no cure for tinnitus but you can certainly find relief.

Living with tinnitus is easier when you embrace or accept changes in your daily life as well as in the surroundings.

These practices should be combined with any treatment prescribed by a doctor so as to effectively and appropriately deal with tinnitus.

It is very important to be observant about the conditions affecting your tinnitus symptoms.

Deal with tinnitus and find solution

Living with tinnitus also involves dealing or finding a solution to reduce impact of its symptoms.

You can listen to soothing sounds such as soft music since tinnitus is best heard when the surroundings your are in is quiet. You can also turn on a fan to hide tinnitus sounds.

A white noise machine can also produce sounds such as ocean waves, rainfall or running stream which are soothing to the ears.

Relax and avoid stress

Relaxation activities can also help in dealing with tinnitus since being stressed by tinnitus can worsen its symptoms. Different ways to relax are meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, tai-chi, self-hypnosis and guided imagery.

Meditation can be combined with background sounds to mask the tinnitus symptoms and improve your concentration.

Getting enough sleep is also one way of effectively living with tinnitus. When preparing to sleep, make sure than your bedroom is cool and dark.

If your sleeping area is very quite try to use a white noise machine or a fan. Makes sure you sleep for about 7 to 9 hours.

Always use a comfortable bed and pillows.

Avoid being fatigued before sleeping such as not to exercise take food and alcohol two to three hours before going to sleep.

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