What Vitamins Are Good for Tinnitus?

Are you looking for vitamins to treat your tinnitus symptoms? Vitamins and nutritional supplements are considered effective in getting rid of tinnitus symptoms such as are zinc, vitamin B12 and ginkgo biloba.


Zinc is a mineral that is important for the well being of our body and should be consumed regularly. Most people who suffer from tinnitus have deficiency in zinc.

Researches on how zinc supplements can influence tinnitus were made but they were inconclusive. However, people with tinnitus who were part of the research and those who took regular amounts of zinc show improvement in tinnitus symptoms. Intake of zinc supplement either for providing relief for tinnitus and for other health reasons should always have the go signal from a medical expert. Foods that are considered high in zinc are dairy products, oysters, crabs, lobsters, beef, liver, nuts, pumpkin seeds and lamb.

Vitamin 12

Vitamin B12 is also one of the popular vitamins for tinnitus. Foods with a lot of vitamin B12 are liver, mutton, cheese, eggs, beef, oil fish, oysters, lobsters and crabs.

People with vitamin B12 deficient are can suffer from tinnitus. Researches were conducted to verify the potency of vitamin B12 against tinnitus and found out that people with tinnitus showed improvement in noise level after taking certain amount of vitamin B12.

Ginkgo biloba

The Chinese herbal supplement ginkgo biloba has been used for tinnitus relief. Its is also effective in preventing free radicals from damaging cells while improving blood circulation in patients.

The supplement is extracted out of the leaves and seeds of the ginkgo biloba tree. Like most herbal supplementation, studies about ginkgo biloba have not been conclusive. Some tinnitus sufferers claimed that it was effective and many other trials showed success in improving the condition of tinnitus patients.

Ginkgo biloba is not recommended to pregnant women, those taking blood thinning medicines and those who will undergo surgery. Caution must also be observed in using ginkgo biloba seeds because these seeds when prepared improperly can poison the user and may result to death.

Other vitamins for tinnitus

Other vitamins for tinnitus are vitamin A, vitamin E, and magnesium. Magnesium can provide relief to tinnitus symptoms while maintaining proper function of the nervous system and heart. Vitamin E can increase blood circulation even to the ears such that the increase supply of oxygen to the ears may help reduce tinnitus effects. Vitamin A allows the ears to interpret sounds correctly after being stored in the ear. Good sources of vitamin A are vegetables and fruits.

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