Hypnosis Treatment for Tinnitus

Did you have the slightest idea that hypnosis can be a treatment for tinnitus? Well let’s see what you think after reading this article.

Psychologists and psychiatrists today use hypnotherapy to reach the mind of the patient and then analyze it. They are now starting to believe that if the mind can control the body itself, it can be retrained to heal a condition like tinnitus. Of course the mind can be trained to stay positive. It is a general knowledge that optimism often helps in treatment.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy
Hypnosis or hypnotherapy for tinnitus

Hypnosis can really help cure tinnitus because some noises that a person hears are just phantom sounds created in the brain. The real problem is the perception of hearing them that bothers you. This means that there is actually no physical source from the external environment involved. It should be noted that not all types of tinnitus can be remedied by hypnosis; it still depends on the cause.

Hypnosis can work by retraining the mind to ignore or diminish the sounds and stop hearing them. The results could be really amazing. Some patients say noises go away completely while others noticed that the intensity or the volume is considerably decreased.

The problem in using hypnosis lies in the wrong notion of the hypnosis itself or how it works. People believe they will be put to sleep and will be ordered by he therapist. In reality, though the therapist simply puts the patient in completely relaxed state of mind. Once this is achieved, the therapist  chooses from several approaches like regression therapy, suggestive therapy and ego state therapy depending on the circumstances. Hypnotherapy does not end in single session; it requires numerous session for better result.

To explain further the process of hypnosis or hypnotherapy,  it is the state that enhances self-consciousness. It is also known as the “Alpha State”. In this state, you can now recall your memory and retrain the brain to break the memory loop of sound that bothers the patient.

You must not underestimate your brain power. The brain can block off most of the things we receive from our senses. Are you thinking that it’s a ridiculous thing to ever happen? Indeed it is because our brain steadily prioritizes the stimuli around and let us get on with our daily lives as we permit it. However, in the case of tinnitus which is not directly related to any physical health problems, if the right procedure or manipulation is applied, hypnosis can gradually decrease our awareness to the buzzing in your ears.

Moreover, hypnosis provides some relief from tinnitus. But it is just an alternative but not a permanent solution to your ringing ears. So it is still best for you to find out the root causes instead of undergoing lifetime symptomatic treatments such as hypnosis. The bottomline is, a holistic approach to healing is still the best way to get rid of your tinnitus.